Frequently Asked Questions

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For yeast infections we recommend boric acid suppositories. They help kill yeast and create the right environment for good vaginal flora to flourish.

We also recommend probiotics to help support the growth of good vaginal flora to prevent yeast overgrowth in the future.

The boric acid suppositories are 600mg capsules which you insert into your vagina. You place a capsule into the applicator and gently ease into your vagina as deep as it is comfortable. If you find the applicator difficult to use you can use your hands.

In the case of UTIs we recommend that you first get treated with antibiotics. UTI is the infection of the urethra and bladder and cannot be treated with boric acid suppositories. You will need antibiotics to get rid of the bad bacteria that is already in the urethra and/or bladder.

You can then use probiotics to restore good bacteria in the vaginal cavity and cranberry capsules to help bad bacteria from adhering in the urethral or bladder lining.

For hormonal balancing we recommend maca and seamoss capsules. This combination helps with your thyroid function which is the basis of hormonal balancing. Ashwagandha capsules also help balance hormones.