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Who we are

Grae Care Ltd is dedicated to holistic feminine care. We strive to go back to nature and find solutions to challenges women face when it comes to feminine health. We are focused solely on women’s health.

The name Grae is derived from Grace. We believe that no matter the challenges women go through, we can go through them Gracefully when we receive the right amount of care.

All our products are care packages sent to our lovely ladies to help them heal, boost their confidence and esteem and go through each day with Grace.

Our products are sourced from the USA and responsibly packaged locally. 

Our Visiontitle_right

To build a global community where women, supported by Grae Care, unite and empower one another, unlocking their boundless potential, embracing wellness, and inspiring a world where every step forward is a stride towards growth and self-discovery.

Our Missiontitle_right

Grae Care's mission is to cultivate a nurturing and inclusive community, fostering an environment where women are supported to flourish, heal, and embrace their authentic selves at every juncture of their unique life journeys. We are dedicated to empowering women to unlock their true potential and create a world where each step forward is a testament to resilience, growth, and boundless possibility.

Our Goaltitle_right

Within the next decade, Grae Care aims to positively impact the lives of five million women. We strive to achieve these accessible and personalized wellness solutions that empower women to embark on a journey of holistic well-being.

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