Why does my Yeast Infection Keeps Coming Back?

yeast infection keeps coming back

Don’t you just hate it when you have a yeast infection that will not go away? What’s more frustrating is when you search what causes a recurring yeast infection and everyone tells you about hygiene yet you work so hard on being clean. Yeast infections or BV that keep coming back after periods or even after treatment can be treated by killing BV.

I know at some point I got tired and frustrated of being constantly told my yeast infection comes back because of hygiene issues and I keep a very hygienic environment. I wear dry underwear, clean up well twice a day, change my towel at least every two days and yet the yeast infections keep coming back.

After a long time of frustrations, I have learned what causes recurring yeast infections, taken up some habits and incorporated them into my lifestyle and voila, I no longer have to struggle with chronic yeast infections.

First, let us understand what causes yeast infections. Naturally, healthy humans have yeasts in their vagina, mouths, and intestines. Vaginal yeast infections happen when the bacteria candida grows too much. Yeast infections therefore happen when conditions that encourage the growth of candida take place.

Most times, yeast infection is treatable using prescription medicine, creams, suppositories and the like. However, sometimes yeast infections keep recurring even after treatment by healthcare professionals.

Causes of Recurring Yeast Infections

Here are some of the causes of recurring yeast infections

Weak immune systems

Women who have a weak immune system especially due to medical factors such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, medication for chronic systems tend to struggle more with yeast infections. That being said, even healthy women struggle with weak immune systems sometimes as a factor of diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

What to do: Work on having a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, vitamins, probiotics and a healthy diet. When your lifestyle is healthy, immune suppressive illness will be warded off by your strong body and immune system.


If you are observant, you will notice that you often experience yeast infections after taking antibiotics. Often, antibiotics often kill all kinds of bacteria, the good and the bad. Killing the good bacteria in your vagina leads to overgrowth of yeast and in this case candida, hence you get a yeast infection. Sometimes, doctors will prescribe antibiotics followed by a probiotic as they understand that antibiotics will mess up your balance and very likely to give you a yeast infection.

Drug resistant

If you have been having recurring yeast infection, it’s possible that some strains of yeast have become drug resistant. Sometimes, a certain strain of yeast or may need different antifungal apart from those regularly prescribed. In such cases, you may have to lay off prescription meds and look for alternative solutions. For example, boric acid suppositories have been known to treat yeast infections effectively in events where other anti-fungal medications have failed. Boric acid works by preventing candida fungi from growing.

It’s passable

You may be treating your yeast infections but not treating your partner. Yeast infection is passable and you could be treating it then getting it back from your partner, your underwear, sex toys and the like. Next time you get a yeast prescription, ask the doctor to prescribe some drugs for your partner too. If you have several sexual partners, consider using condoms to protect yourself from reinfection. You can get rid of your underwear or sterilize them. Don’t forget your sex toys as well, it’s possible to re-infect yourself by use of sex toys.

Sometimes its not a yeast infection

Chronic yeast infections are sometimes not what they seem. If the yeast infection cant seem to go away, it could be bacterial vaginosis, usually known as BV. BV is caused when there is an overgrowth of some types of bacteria in your vagina especially Gardnerella vaginalis. BV often occurs when the pH of the vagina is higher than 4.5.

This is why the treatment of chronic BV and yeast infections usually involve solutions that lower the pH of your vagina. Such is the use of Boric acid suppositories. Remember, other diseases such as trichomoniasis can be confused with a yeast infection or BV and in such cases, it is important to seek professional help.

Too much sugar

In some cases, yeast infections treatments may have worked, but if your diet comprises a lot of sugar, they can be recurring. Sugary foods such as sodas, juices, desserts in your diet can encourage growth of yeast in your vagina. For example, research shows that a person living with diabetes is more likely to develop yeast infection due to high blood sugar.

Sexual activities

Most of us suffer BV or yeast infections after sex. Some sexual activities such as use of lubricants that contain glycerine destabilize your sugar levels and lead to yeast infections. While having sex, ensure that you don’t use the same toy/finger/penis for your vagina if you have used it for your butt. Sometimes scented condoms or reusing your sex toys without cleaning properly can cause yeast infections. To prevent this, be careful in your sexual activities, pee after sex to clear your urethra and if possible, you can clean off after sex to clear sperms around your vaginal area because they destabilize your ph.

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