Do Boric Acid Suppositories Treat UTIs

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This is a commonly asked question by women suffering from recurring UTIs. We want to help every woman achieve holistic feminine health, and sometimes we need extra help from other forms of medicine to provide you with the best care.

Do boric acid suppositories treat UTIs?

The simple answer here is NO. Boric acid suppositories do not treat UTIs. Boric acid suppositories treat yeast and bacterial infections within the vaginal cavity. UTI is not a vaginal infection. So, it is important that first, we understand what a UTI is

What is UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

UTI is an infection of the urinary tract; usually the urethra and the bladder. UTI occurs when bacteria from the vaginal cavity or the surrounding areas get into the urethra and travel to the bladder. So, considering boric acid suppositories are inserted in the vaginal cavity, and the urethra is separate from the vagina, the suppositories cannot treat what is in the urethra.

Symptoms of UTI

The symptoms of UTI can be but are not limited to;

Pain or burning when urinating

Frequent urge to pee

Pelvic pain or bdominal pain

Blood in urine

Difficulty when urinating

Change in the appearance or the smell of the urine

Diagnosing UTI

Besides observing the symptoms, a doctor or lab can use urinalysis to diagnose a UTI. The test checks the appearance, concentration and content of the urine and can show when the bladder or urethra is infected. In cases of UTI, abnormal bacteria are detected in the urine.

Treating UTI

A UTI is treated by the use of antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria in the urethra, bladder and sometimes the kidney. You can use cranberry capsules to support the treatment but they cannot be used to treat a UTI alone. With UTI, there is no other way but to use antibiotics.

How to prevent UTI

Pee after sex; this prevents any bacteria that may have been introduced during sexual activities from lodging on the urethra and going to the bladder

Wipe from front to back; this prevents any faecal matter from the anus from coming to the vaginal cavity and the urethra

Treat vaginal infections; when you have bad bacteria in your vagina it can lodge in the urethra causing UTI, you can treat vaginal infections using boric acid suppositories

Don’t hold urine for too long

Drink lots of water; this helps you pee often which flushes bacteria before it lodges on the urethra

Use cranberry capsules; cranberry contains a component that prevents bacteria from lodging on the walls of the urethra or the bacteria effectively preventing UTI

Use probiotics; this helps promote good vaginal flora in the vaginal cavity, reducing the growth of bacteria that can easily transfer to the urethra

So sis, if you have the above symptoms of UTI, please use antibiotics first since boric acid suppositories do not treat UTIs. You can then use them later to balance your pH and prevent vaginal infections which can consequently cause a UTI.

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