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Extra Long Night Pads

Our extra long 420 mm pads are long for heavy flow and for wearing overnight. They are very long which is perfect for plus sized queens or babes with extra heavy flow. When you wear them at night, be guaranteed of no leakages. They also have a cotton topsheet which makes them comfortable, non-irritant and hypoallergenic.


Our 420mm extra long pads are perfect for plus size queens or for night use. They are also perfect for women with heavy flow. The extra long pads prevent leakage making your sleep comfortable and stress free. A pack contains 6 pads.

Why should you consider these pads?

  • Extra long (420mm) helping prevent leakages
  • Soft and easy on your skin
  • Not bulky and comfortable enough to be worn during the day
  • High absorbent
  • Organic cotton top sheet to reduce irritation
  • Super comfortable



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