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Boric acid suppositories have been known to effectively treat vaginal infections such as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. If you have heard others use boric acid suppositories and were effectively got treated, but the same has not worked for you, there are some questions you need to consider.

Here is why boric acid suppositories may not be working for you

You are not giving them enough time

Like any other medicine, you need to give the suppositories time to work. For yeast infections, boric acid suppositories get rid of the symptoms in two or three days. In such situations, it is possible to stop using the suppositories in the assumption that you have been well treated.

However, this is not sufficient time for the boric acid to effectively get rid of the bacteria and yeast. In some severe cases, such as stubborn BV, you might need to use boric acid suppositories for a while for you to realize the benefits. Also, it is good to be consistent. Don’t stop when you feel better then continue when the symptoms start all over again.

You have not treated your partner

When you have a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis, it is possible for you to infect your partner. Men often become carriers of these infections even when they don’t show symptoms. When you get treated, it is important to treat your partner. Otherwise they will simply infect you back even after treatment. You can get your partner antifungal and antibacterial medication from a pharmacy or from a doctor so that they don’t infect you back after you have been successfully treated with boric acid suppositories.

You have an STD

Some STDs such as chlamydia, have symptoms that are similar to bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. In such cases, you may think you have a yeast infection and attempt to treat it using boric acid suppositories with no success. In such a case, please get an STD test. Please don’t ever feel ashamed to ask for an STD test. As long as you are sexually active, it is a possibility and you can seek help. Trust me, doctors have seen everything and they won’t judge you.

You don’t have good vaginal flora

When you use antibiotics, your good vaginal flora is killed. This means that the good bacteria that keeps your pH balanced is destroyed. In such a case, even after you use boric acid suppositories, you still may not feel better if the vaginal flora in your vagina is completely destroyed. That’s why we advise you use boric acid suppositories together with probiotics. These help introduce good vaginal flora to your vagina and help prevent infections from recurring in the future.

You have a UTI and not vaginal infection

Sometimes people tend to confuse UTI and yeast infection. In such a case, you can be treating what you might be thinking is a yeast infection and yet it is a UTI. Boric acid suppositories do not treat UTIs. You can read all about it here.

You have other vaginal infections (not treatable using boric acid suppositories)

 You might be having other infections beside BV or yeast infections that are not treatable with boric acid suppositories. Unfortunately, sometimes different infections can mutate into something complex that may need a combination of treatments to work. In such a case, follow up with a trusted gynecologist and seek treatment.

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